Sunday, October 28, 2012

Where Do You Find Your Holiday Ideas and Inspiration?

By Patricia

I know that it's still a few days before Halloween, but soon the Christmas holidays will be upon us and that the rush to get everything done will be making us all frantic.
I am just wondering where everyone is getting their holiday inspiration from this year. I know Pinterest has taken over as the go to place for gorgeous pictures and great ideas, I love Pinterest too. But magazines still play a very large part of inspiring my holiday decorating and entertaining.

I have years and years worth of Martha Stewart, Country Living, Better Homes and Gardens, and more, of Christmas issues that I will never get rid of. Every year I get them out and reading them again gives me enormous pleasure and inspiration.
The gorgeous covers on this years issues tempt me to buy them all, which of I would love to but can't. I hope magazines never go away because an imagine on the computer still can't compare to the loveliness of beautiful pictures in a magazine.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday!! 

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  1. I just love going through all of your old magazines with you every year. There really is something great about them, I get that from you you know :)