Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Making Pumpkin Bread On A Fall Afternoon

By Patricia

Yesterday afternoon, the sun was streaming in the kitchen windows. I know this is a normal occurrence for most people, but here in Washington State we are normally dealing with the rain come Fall.

I am frankly a little tired of all this sunshine!!! Yes, call me strange, but I love my cloudy days and really don't mind the rain at all. So to get myself feeling like it really is the month of October, I decided to make some pumpkin bread. I adore pumpkin bread and a cup of coffee in the late afternoon. I think the English have the right idea when they have their afternoon Tea Time, that lovely time where it is encouraged to have tea and a treat to eat.

Here is the delicious recipe I used to make my pumpkin bread. It isn't the easiest recipe, but I do think it is one of the best, and makes two loaves. Believe me, you will want two loaves because this yummy pumpkin bread will go quickly. Yum!!!


  1. well send your sunshine this way im tired of all the rain it rained all day today and they're calling for more rain tomorrow :( i wasnt motivated to do much of anything today because of it. that bread looks delish! unfortunately im the only one who likes pumpkin flavor in my house :(

  2. I LOVE pumpkin anything! I would love to try that recipe. A cup of tea would be perfect for a rainy day. I want the rain too! Way too hot in Cali for Oct. It was near 100 today. Icky!