Monday, October 22, 2012

Inspired Sewing With One-Yard Wonders Book

By Patricia

Years ago, I used to do a lot of sewing. Back in high school, my best friend's Mom was an excellent seamstress and she taught us well enough that we could sew dresses, jackets, and more.
I loved sewing, but after having my third child, there simply wasn't enough time to do it anymore.

I haven't had a sewing machine in years but I have decided to buy one, and I'm getting quite excited at the idea of being creative with fabric once again. I picked up this wonderful book called One - Yard Wonders for inspiration. I love the easy and cute projects in it.

There is also the first One - Yard Wonders book that I would also like to get for even more ideas for sewing projects. And now that I have a granddaughter, I can see lots of happy sewing in my future!

How about you, do you sew? Is sewing still something that women do, or is it something that we no longer have time for? Would you like to learn how to sew? I'm curious about everyone's thoughts on this.

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