Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Decorating Your Walls, Make It Personal

Photo via Sacramento Street

By Patricia

I love houses. I love the stuff that goes into those houses, and I love looking for and at all that house stuff. I am a secret wanna be decorator. Unfortunately, I don't think I have much talent for it.
I do have a talent for buying the stuff though, and loving it and using it. Which leads me to the point of this post. I love the picture above of this wall because it expresses the person who lives in this room. There is no real theme or reason here, I imagine this is what this person loves so it is on their walls.

Have you ever gone into someone's home and immediately felt that the house reflected that person perfectly? I have, and it is totally amazing how some people can do this. I think one way is to put on your walls things that have meaning, and a place in your heart.
Whether it is family photos, art you love, menus from a special restaurant, or really anything that is beautiful to you. Framed or not, if you take the time to arrange and re-arrange, you will get it right.

We all want our homes to be beautiful, and to feel like they are a safe refuge from the outside world. And it's even better when you can look around, see yourself, and know you really made your home a reflection of what's inside your heart.

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