Thursday, August 16, 2012

We LOVE Magazines!!!

By Patricia

Ever since I discovered the back to school issues of Seventeen and Glamour magazines when I was in 8th grade, I have loved magazines.
Decorating, parenting, lifestyle magazines, and more have been guides for me throughout my life. I have gotten many, many hours of pleasure from reading magazines, to say nothing of the fabulous pictures in them. And while there are some pretty fabulous online magazines that I like, nothing will ever take the place of a great magazine that you can hold in your hands and read with such pleasure.
My daughter Samantha said the other day that she likes her Kindle very much for reading her books, but will never give up buying and reading magazines. She said online magazines will never replace the real thing for her, and I completely agree.
I have seen in the last couple of years some of my favorites fold. This makes me genuinely sad, and of course worried about the future of the publishing of magazines. I love magazines and wonder if you do, too.
What is your favorite magazine?


  1. I love magazines! Something about being able to turn the pages and see the colorful pictures, heck even the ads can be great ones. I have Martha Stewart Living, Country Life, Newsweek and Better Homes and Garden.

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