Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On My Want List, Paris in Color

By Patricia

I know it may be a cliche, but I have always wanted to visit Paris. With the help of the internet and Pinterest, images of beautiful Paris are easily found.
And it stirs up my desire to go there all over again. When you are young and have a family, one doesn't run off to Paris. And when you are older, and life turns unexpectedly, the chance is still not available.
But I never say never anymore, so who knows, right? I could go to Paris!!

Meanwhile, I have discovered this lovely book called Paris in Color. The author is the blogger Little Brown Pen, and she writes about her life there. Hop on over to her blog for a sweet dose of inspiration and beauty. This book is the very next book on my list to buy and I can hardly wait.

1 comment:

  1. I wont give up on us going to Paris one day! :) We will eat baguettes, sip espresso, shop the open air markets and antique stores. I want an old book from a dusty store to bring back home with me.