Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Donating Old Books To Make A Difference

By Patricia

I have been sorting through the mountains of books I have. I have books stacked all over the place, in boxes, and on my nightstand, and even in my car.
As much as I love all of my books, it is time to pass some of  them on. How many times can I read Amy Tan, Anne Lamott, and Alice Adams.? A lot, it turns out. But I know these books can be put to a better use than just sitting around the house.
Did you know you can donate books to your local library? Many libraries hold book sales or have a for sale rack of used books. This helps to raise money for libraries that often suffer from budget cuts. I believe libraries are an important and vital part of any community. Do you visit yours, do you take your children to participate in the many programs your library may offer?
I hope you do. And I also hope you will consider taking your own books to donate there.
Every book helps.

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