Friday, August 17, 2012

Fabulous Friday

~ By Patricia ~

Do you ever visit your local art museum? A lot people only think of them as holding stuffy art collections that only appeal to a certain crowd. This is definitely not true when it comes to our local Seattle Art Museum.

Seattle is a city with many, many wonderful places to visit and enjoy. It's art museum is no exception. Besides housing permanent and visiting exhibitions, it offers classes, movies, children's activities and more. In other words, the Seattle Art Museum is user friendly.
We are also blessed to have the Olympic Sculpture Park right on the water near downtown Seattle. This park is filled with giant art sculptures that are completely unique. On each Saturday through the end of August, there are art classes for kids, Zumba dance lessons, yoga classes, live music and more. All sponsored by the Seattle Art Museum. And on the first Thursday of every month, the museum offers free admittance to all!!

The point is, your local art museum could very well offer some great things to do for you and your family. Check it out, you might be very surprised to see everything that is available.
Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!!
Here are some wonderful things from around the web this week. Enjoy!!!

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