Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabulous Friday - Stirring It Up In the Kitchen

photo via Eddie Ross
Are you ever bored in the kitchen? Do you make the same meals, the same dinners, the same way?
After cooking for a family for 35 years, you can bet I  ran out of ideas!!
Now that my children are grown and I am no longer married, there is a lovely freedom in all this. But sometimes it does feel good to get creative in the kitchen. To do something different. Especially with all the inspiration from blogs and Pinterest. So I am vowing to put my creative efforts in to cooking up something yummy and sharing it here. We'll see what I come up with!!

Here's to a Fabulous Friday, and a weekly round-up of great things from around the web.

The best ever chocolate chip recipe!

Tour this cozy vintage Seattle home.

Chocolate truffles you'll go mad for!

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Ever heard of Father Rabbit?

Have a great weekend!

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