Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend In Pictures

By Patricia

This weekend I got together with two of my daughters and one of my sons. We had a great time just walking around West Seattle, having lunch, and enjoying each other's company.
I don't ever seek out car shows, but there was one on the streets, and I did like this pink car. Since I can't get enough of pink lately, I had to get this picture.

I was in heaven with all the thrift stores around. This fantastic shop had three stories of great stuff. My kind of place!!

How cool is this taxi, also a part of the car show. The weather was perfect, and there has been none of our famous Seattle ran for quite awhile now.

There is always time for a cup of coffee whatever time of day it is for us here in Seattle. We love our coffee!

This sweet little dog is the newest member of my daughter Samantha's family. Her little boys adore him already.

I love this mural of the beach that was painted on to the side of a building. The real beach is just about a mile away, one of the things I love about this area.

The best part of the day of course was spending time with my family. I wish my other two kids lived close, but they live in different states. It was a great Sunday.

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  1. Oh the last picture is gonna make me cry!! LOVE all of you! xoxoxo