Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Eye On Fashion In The City

Photo via Candace Lake

By Patricia

Whenever I am in downtown Seattle, I can't help noticing the way some women are dressed.
You know, the women that seem to have that certain something, that certain sense of style that you can't help noticing.
Of course Seattle is not New York or Los Angeles when it comes to fashion. We are fairly laid back here in terns of dressing. Jeans and a T-shirt can be found on a good many people who are attending the Seattle Symphony. I find this true fact a little sad, because they are missing out on a fun time to get dressed up for a change.
I do love sitting at an outside cafe in the city and people watching. I love seeing what women are wearing, especially as the weather begins changing.
 Do you love fashion? Are you a fashion watcher like I am? I would love to know what you think about fashion!!


  1. I'm a fashion watcher too I live in New York which grants for all different types of styles. Sometimes I wish I could look as put together as some others but I have three kids and I've resorted to either selling or donating all my per baby clothes which were fashionable for more functional clothing

  2. Wow, you must really see a lot of great fashion in NY!!! I remember when my kids were young, I was lucky to get a shower, let alone look fashionable lol.
    But it gets easier as they get older and we have more time for ourselves.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment here, I appreciate it!

    -From Patricia