Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Dinners From The Farmers Market

By Patricia

With the arrival of fall now here, my thoughts turn to homey, and comfortable dinners in the kitchen. Stews, soups. and oven roasted vegetables are some of the things I am beginning to crave.

Seattle's Pike Place Market is still filled with glorious vegetables of all kinds. I am always happy just to stroll through the market and look at the abundance of fruits, veggies, and flowers that are for sale.
One of my very favorite fall dishes are roasted vegetables. The beautiful thing about roasting vegetables in the oven is the delicious taste and easy way of cooking them. Olive oil and seasonings are all you need to bring out the flavors and depth of even the most humble of veggies.

I love Ina Garten's recipe that includes fennel and grated Parmesan cheese that can be found in the Barefoot Contessa Back To Basics Cookbook. Of course you don't really need a recipe for this, but Ina's take on a dish is always delicious and she is one of my favorite cookbook authors.

So if you live in parts of the country where the Farmers Market shuts down soon, you really should go see what is available now. Let the market be a part of your fall menus and create meals around the veggies that are for sale. Add them to soups and stews that will fill your kitchen with the comforting scent of a cozy, home cooked meal. Sounds yummy to me!

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  1. This year I want to try to make some homemade soups with fresh veggies. Barefoot Contessa has great recipes, I will need to check out her book.