Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tie-Dyed In Seattle

 ~By Patricia ~

Do you remember when tie-dye was really popular? Back in the 80's, everyone seemed to be wearing some kind of piece of clothing that they had tie-dyed, and not just the hippies.
I thought for sure that it had died (ha ha) out because I rarely see it anymore. But this weekend I saw this stall at the Pike Place Market in Seattle. Tie-dye! Apparently it is still around, and I did start to notice quite a few people who were wearing tie-dyed T-shirts.
When I got home I googled tie-dye, and was surprised to learn it is still quite popular. There are instructions, supplies, and plenty of painted clothing web-sites to buy it all from. Who knew?
Maybe I will try my hand at tie-dye again. The great about it is it's hard to mess it up, and people think you really meant to make that shirt you are wearing.

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