Friday, July 20, 2012

Fabulous Friday

~ By Patricia ~

I have fallen in love with the color pink.
All of my life, pink has never been a color that I have been attracted to very much. Even as a little girl, I did not gravitate towards pink the way my friends did. But now I can't get enough of it!

I have been buying a few pink things, a blouse, a pillow, a flower vase. I have even created a Pinterest board called "Think Pink". I am loving pink, and having so much fun with it that I hope I don't loose this new love.
How about you, how do you feel about pink?

Here again is my round-up for the week of great things I have found on the web. Hope you enjoy them and hope you are having a Fabulous Friday!

Love hot dogs? Here's 20 ways to eat your dogs, including The Tech Billionaire Hot Dog.

Love snooping in other people's stuff? Go to to peek in these fabulous closets.

Super easy, super delicious Breakfast Casserole recipe from Trader Joe's.

Watch an Elvis flick and get free popcorn at the annual Bite of Seattle, today and Saturday.

Darling and Funky! Would you wear these yellow Mary-Janes?

**  We also want to let everyone know the winner of our Tori Spelling celebraTORI Book Giveaway is
Annette of mimilovesall8. Congrats Annette, hope you enjoy this book!!! 

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