Thursday, May 30, 2013

Making Easy and Delicious Deviled Eggs

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I made one of my favorite, all-American classic recipes, Deviled Eggs. Everyone I know loves them, and the great thing about Deviled Eggs, is that you can make them with any of your favorite ingredients.

I have eaten them with salmon, bacon, potatoes, and lots of other tasty ways. You just can't go wrong with Deviled Eggs, and whether you make them to share at your own party or gathering, or take them to someone else's, they will be gone quickly.

For many years, I boiled the eggs the way my Mom did, which is to say I boiled them to death. I now let them come to a full boil for one minute, and then remove them from the heat, and cover them for 15 minutes. They come out perfectly every time, and there is no longer any guess work about how long they should boil.

This time, I made the eggs with only mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, sea salt, white pepper and paprika.
I just add as much mayonnaise and Dijon mustard as I like. I don't measure anything. I do taste it as I go along because there is the possibility of adding too much mustard, and that will ruin them for me.
I am not a mustard fan, but I do love the Dijon here.

I finally bought this cute platter made just for Deviled Eggs, and I am so glad I did, I love it.
One of the great things about these eggs is that they are welcome anywhere, from a simple picnic to a fancy party.

I love Deviled eggs!! Do you?


  1. Yum these look so tasty!! I might need to make them for a potluck we will be attending this weekend.

  2. sounds like hubby he boils them to death i just showed him this past weekend how its suppose to be done i leave mine covered for 18 minutes :)

  3. This method is so much easier, I know, and the eggs don't come out with that gray ring on the yolks as much either :)