Monday, May 6, 2013

Helping To Fight Childhood Summer Hunger With Odwalla and Champions For Kids #Odwalla4Kids #cbias

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I am so proud to be a part of this month's Champions For Kids Simple Service Project called, Hunger in the Summer Project.

 The month of May is all about helping to feed children during the summer months when school is out.
Champions for Kids has partnered with Odwalla to help with this very important need that exists in so many communities all around the country.

I went shopping at Walmart where I bought lots of healthy and delicious Odwalla food bars to donate to my local food bank. The food bank is always in need of donations, especially this time of year when school is not in session.

During the summer months when school is out, millions of children lose access to school breakfasts,
lunches, and snacks that they receive during the school year. Only 1 out of 6 children who receive free or reduced price meals during the school year continue to receive them during the summer.

This puts an additional burden on low-income families to provide more meals for their children during the summer months.

I am making my food donation to the North Kitsap Fishline Food Bank. This food bank has provided food for needy families, emergency services, and advocacy services since 1967.

They also have a thrift store in the community, called Second Season, and all profits from the store benefit the food bank.

Fishline partners regularly with local groups and businesses to sponsor food drives whenever possible. They are an important and vital part of the community.

I had asked some of my friends and family to donate whatever they could to my donation box. Besides all the many great Odwalla Bars, we were able to donate crackers, juice, cookies, soups, cereals and more.
Some of my friends have still been affected by job loss and an uncertain financial future, so I am grateful for any donations they could give. I know these donations will help out at the food bank, and help provide meals and snacks for kids.

This is my grandson Jayden, who is six years old. Jayden has come with me several times when I have worked on other Champions for Kids projects.

He knows what the word "donate" means, and that we are sharing with others as best we can. He is my little buddy when it comes to helping get together donations and taking them to the food bank.

We are inside Fishline, waiting to make our donation. I am grateful everyday that my four little grandchildren have a warm home and plenty of food to eat.

I love working on this Champions for Kids Hunger in the Summer Simple Service Project and telling everyone about the great need that must be filled. It is heartbreaking to think about the number of children that will go hungry this summer.

This is the food bank's director who accepted our donation with such grace and gratitude.

You can make an impact in your own community and help fight summer childhood hunger. You can do this by doing your own Odwalla Hunger in the Summer Project.

Start by letting everyone you know about the food needs of children in the summer months, and then hold a food drive in your own community. Ask family, friends, co-workers, and others to make donations.
Healthy snacks like Odwalla Kid Bars (or regular bars) and Odwalla Juice Boxes would make a great contribution, and are easy to distribute and eat. Donate the food you collect to a food bank, and make an impact on childhood hunger this summer.

You can share your donation on the Champions for Kids website, and also see how other people just like yourself are helping to fight children's summer hunger.

I really love Odwalla food products and I admire the company's philosophy about the importance of helping out in the world.

I am grateful to Champions for Kids and to be able to be a part of this wonderful project.
I would like to thank the North Kitsap Fishline Food Bank and all the great people that work there and donate their time.

Champions for Kids has a goal of mobilizing 20 million people by 2020 to become champions for kids.
Get involved, and you can be one of them!!

You can see my shopping trip to buy Odwalla food bars at Walmart by going over to my Google+ Photo Album.

You can also connect with Champions for Kids online and Odwalla and on their Facebook pages and Twitter.


  1. Your pictures are awesome! Great job!

  2. Thank you so much, Glenda. I really loved doing this project!!

  3. How awesome! This is great to see your son part of this project.

  4. What a great food donation! I can see that food helping so many people, Patricia. It's a great reminder to all of us to give what we can.

  5. Thanks Brandie. It is a privilege to take part in the Champions For Kids projects. This one is such an important one :)

  6. Sorry I meant grandson! You did a great job on the quantity of food! I know a lot will be blessed by this.

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  8. Love how helpful Jayden is, he really does love to help others :)

  9. What a great organization to give to - it's wonderful how long Fishline has been helping people! It is awesome to see people giving back to their communities, and I love that your Grandson helped too. :) Thank you for sharing!