Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Celebrating June Dairy Month With Savings From Safeway #EverydayDairy #cbias

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When my kids were growing up, I always tried to make sure they drank a lot of milk, and ate as many healthy dairy products as they could. I am happy to say they still love milk and dairy products, so I was excited to hear about a great way to celebrate June Dairy Month at Safeway. For dairy lovers like me and my family, Safeway is having a great promotion that lets you enjoy everyday dairy items at a great savings.

Starting May 29 - July 2, Safeway is having a promotion where you save $5 when you spend $15.
I love this great offer, and it lets me take advantage of the fantastic savings and tremendous variety of products that Safeway has to offer.

Be sure to look for signs and banners in your local Safeway highlighting June Dairy Month and the Save $5 When You Spend $15 offer.

Though June Dairy Month hasn't yet officially started, when I was at my local Safeway last week, I needed to buy some of the everyday dairy items that my family and I use. I really needed cheese for snacking and cooking, and Philadelphia Cream Cheese for one of my favorite seafood dips.

I love how convenient and easy it is to find my favorite dairy products at Safeway, and usually they are on sale, too!!

When summer rolls around, I love incorporating healthy dairy products into our everyday meal and snack plans. One of my favorite ways to do this is by making healthy and delicious smoothies.
Thankfully, everyone in my family loves smoothies, so I can easily put in healthy ingredients that they will find delicious. Chobani Yogurt is a family favorite.

To make this yummy smoothie with four servings, just put 2 cups of orange juice, 3/4 cups milk, 3/4 cup yogurt, 1 banana, and 2 cups of ice cubes into a blender. Blend until smooth.

These creamy orange smoothies are something I have for a summertime breakfast at least a couple of times a week. They are a great way to get everyone to benefit by eating healthy yogurt, milk, and fruits.

My six year old grandson loves my smoothies, and I love giving him a delicious drink that is filled with healthy ingredients. That is one of my favorite summer routines, making smoothies for my family, whether they are for breakfast or an afternoon snack.

We have been eating Kraft Cheese for as long as I can remember. For many years, I bought the regular Kraft Slices. Now Kraft offers many different kind of sliced cheese, including this kind made with 2% milk and containing 1/3 less fat that regular cheese.

I have wanted to try Kraft Natural Slices, but my local Safeway was out of them. I love cheese of all kinds, and this is one dairy product that I buy a lot of every week.

I make grilled cheese sandwiches for my family all the time. In fact, I am a little famous for them in my family, and now my grandchildren think I am pretty good at it, too!!

When so much produce starts becoming available in the summer, I start adding things like tomatoes to make these fabulous tasting grilled sandwiches. My family and I love them, and I really pile on the low-fat cheese to make them extra cheesy.

Of course, one of the easiest and best tasting ways to enjoy great dairy products are the simplest. Like a bowl of one of my favorite Greek yogurts, Chobani.

I often eat it for breakfast or a snack on a hot summer day when all I want is something cool and delicious.
String cheese and yogurt popsicles are a favorite with my grandchildren, and a snack I love giving them.

I gave my granddaughter a spoon to eat her yogurt, but she thinks her hands work better!!

I could make bread pudding everyday and enjoy eating it. I make all different kinds, but when summer rolls around, I use a very basic recipe so that I can top it with lots of fresh and delicious berries.

Bread pudding calls for lots of milk in the recipe, but I substitute some of that milk with Nestle Coffeemate Creamer. It makes my desserts so great tasting, and this Vanilla Nut flavor is becoming one of my favorites.

It is so easy to incorporate healthy dairy products into your family's meals by celebrating June Dairy Month with Safeway.

Make sure to take advantage of this great money saving promotion where you can Save $5 When You Spend $15 offer, beginning May 29.

If you would like to see my shopping trip at Safeway, take a look at my Google+ Photo Album.

You can also connect with Safeway on their Facebook and Twitter pages.


  1. yum! ill have to try the smoothie for the kiddos, that looks like the way i make my grilled cheese to o i like to put extra cheese and tomato sometimes even bacon or kielbasa

  2. Yes, this really is a great tasty smoothie, one the kids will always drink. And bacon on your grilled cheese?? Yummy!!!

  3. So many yummy ideas! It has been too long since I had a good bread pudding and that grilled cheese does look very good! ;)

  4. Oh my goodness! That grilled cheese is EVERYTHING I need in my life! LOL! I'm going to head back to Safeway tomorrow to get the ingredients for the smoothie. My little girl's stomach has been hurting, and I think that'll help get things back on track a bit.

  5. Yeah, a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich can make things right for me too :) I hope your little one feels better soon, and the smoothie should be easy on her tummy.