Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's A Red Shoes Kind Of Day!!!

Red Mary Janes are my favorite shoes.
These are just plain adorable.

The days are still gray here in the Northwest, and I am looking forward to spring more than I ever have before. To put a little sparkle in my day, I have decided to look for a new pair of red shoes to buy.
Of course the first place I look for ideas and inspiration are my Pinterest Boards. I have pinned a lot of red shoes, I discovered. Some I would buy, and some just because they caught my eye

kate spade galoshes, really really cute
Classic Kate Spade.

Jimmy Choo  Jimmy Choo  Jimmy Choo
Pretty and shiny red peek-toe.

Red ankle boots.

IVANKA TRUMP Flats - Annulio Pointed Toe | Bloomingdale's
Perfect red flats.

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  1. Red shoes are a must in my book! I have a pair of red flats that I just love. :)