Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Love The Library and What I'm Reading This Week

It is no secret that my love for books is legendary in my family. What can I say, I love to read, and there are certainly worse addictions I could have picked up through the years, right?
I do buy books as often as I can, and a gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes and Noble or my local bookstore is always a great gift for me.

But the library is still one of my favorite places to spend a couple of hours each week and I always come home with my book bag stuffed with some treasures. I thought I would share what I picked up to read this week. It's a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, as it usually is.

1. Barefoot In Paris is by one of my very favorite cookbook authors, Ina Garten. This book is all about easy French cooking that you can do at home. I have all of Ina's other books, but somehow I never managed to buy this one. I love the gorgeous pictures in this book and I'm looking for an easy recipe to make from it.

2. The Healthy Back is all about what you can do to keep your back strong and healthy throughout your life. There are easy exercises and yoga poses that can help, and lots of good tips. A few years ago I hurt my back and the pain was agonizing. I was happy to find this book and incorporate the information into my daily life.

3. Trader Joe's Cookbook is from one of the grocery stores that I really love, Trader Joe's. The recipes are all very easy, with an emphasis on portable lunches and picnic food.

4. The Last Lovely City is fiction, and it's a book of short stories by one of my favorite writers, Alice Adams. These nine stories take place mostly in San Francisco, and the characters in them stayed with me long after I closed the book.

5. Aging As A Spiritual Practice is a book that caught my eye and is written by a Buddhist Priest who tries to impart his wisdom into something we all face, aging. I can use all the help I can get, and I'm loving his kind and practical words on this often difficult path.

6. Urban Pantry is written by a Seattle author and it's all about keeping what you need to keep on hand to have a well stocked and interesting pantry. I love her writing style and great recipes.

7. What Can I Bring Cookbook is about what you can bring for a potluck, holiday dinner, picnic, or anywhere else someone might ask you to bring a dish to share.

I didn't realize I had brought home so many cookbooks. But the great thing is, I can take them all back and get new ones that interest me.
I always encourage everyone to use the library. It's free, there are great free programs for adults and children, too. And it's a great place to spend an afternoon.

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