Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Making A Delicious 'Mocktail' With New Lipton Tea & Honey Pitcher Packets #FamilyTeaTime

By Patricia

Now that the fall and winter months are upon us, my thoughts always turn to the food and drinks I'll be serving my family during the holidays. While drinks made with alcohol certainly have a place when entertaining, I love to be able to serve 'mocktails' to my guests, or just enjoy one myself anytime of the day.

Mocktails are also perfect for family entertaining, and I do try to use recipes and ingredients that will appeal to all ages. Easy recipes are always my favorite way to entertain, and I especially love making things that are old family favorites. I can remember that for many years my parents made a hot mocktail of Lipton tea, lemonade, and honey. It was always easy, simple, and so delicious.

Whenever I make these now, I think about my parents and call them "Mom and Dad's Tea and Lemonade Specials". Of course, my Dad would sometimes add a little extra something to make his drink a little more "special" but I think these actually taste better without any alcohol. They are especially delicious to drink on a cold night when you need to warm up.

I went to Walmart to buy a new Lipton tea product that I had heard about. Lipton Tea and Honey Pitcher Packets are a great and easy way to make iced tea. They also come in Blackberry-Pomegranate, and Mango-Pineapple flavors. I knew I would love using this new Lipton product, and it would make putting together my mocktail even easier.

I assembled my simple ingredients of a Lipton tea pitcher packet, lemonade, honey, cherries, and a lemon to make my drinks.

I frequently make it a point to have a Family Tea Time, and with the chilly weather we have been having, it's been everyone's favorite time to enjoy it. Tea is so good for your health, and I always have at least one cup of it a day. Tea is also great at mealtime, or really anytime of the day or night. The Blackberry-Pomegranate and Mango-Pineapple flavors of the Lipton pitcher packets are made with green tea, which is especially good for you.

The new Lipton Tea and Honey pitcher packets were so easy to use. I looked on the Lipton Tea website and was happy to find lots of great recipes for tea drinks. With three flavors of the pitcher packets available, there are lots of options to create new ways to use them. I am going to use the Blackberry-Pomegrate flavor to make a smoothie for breakfast soon.

I heated up the tea and lemonade , sliced my lemons and cherries, and then stirred together my mocktails. I used one part lemonade, with two parts tea. The sweet/sour combination is delicious.
And so easy!

I love how festive these mocktails look! Since there was already honey in the pitcher packets, I ended up not even putting any extra honey in the drinks.

My family and I enjoyed our drinks, and we all agreed that we would be making these mocktails more often. They are perfect for anytime you want a special yet easy way to enjoy Lipton tea.

My family and I have been drinking Lipton tea for many, many years, and I love discovering any new products that they introduce.

If you would like to discover more about Lipton tea and all Lipton products, go to the Lipton Tea website.
You can also check out their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

If you would like to see my shopping experience at Walmart, be sure to go see my Google+ album.

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  1. Oh I love they look great I have to try these

  2. I love the way those lemon slices look with the cherry in the center.

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  4. I fail at commenting this morning! LOL! I love the story behind a traditional family recipe. The taste and smell of a recipe really brings back the feel good memories. :)

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