Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Love And Friendship On Paper, Will It Last?

By Patricia

In this age of computers, Kindles, and ipads, where has all the paper gone? I do love technology and all the inventive and wonderful things it has brought to my life. But it seems that more and more, the evidence of our lives and loves are only on a computer screen.

I remember my parents had a huge mirror over the fireplace in my childhood home. Whenever an invitation, birthday card or special photo came, it was tucked into the frame of the mirror for all to see. The same with Christmas cards, they were all displayed and added to the festivity of the holidays. They were tangible proof of someone sending you love, or friendship, or best wishes.

Do people still send birthday and Christmas cards? I know I do, and I always will. The card that you receive today might not have a whole lot of meaning, but what about twenty years from now?
Oh, how I wish I had kept so many beautiful cards that were given to me by my parents, my children, and friends.

How about you, do you still use paper to send your friends and loved ones birthday, Christmas, or other special occasion wishes? 

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  1. I send holiday cards too andi save all the ones I receive I'm sure one they will bring a smile to my face :)