Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend In Pictures

~ By Patricia ~

I love going to the Pike Place Market in Seattle on the weekend. It's always filled with lots of people and there is always a lot to see. I usually pick up some flowers to bring home when I'm there.
This darling little girl seemed to be having a hard time picking out the bouquet of flowers she wanted. Her yellow jacket matched those gorgeous yellow tulips perfectly.

My daughter Megan and I wandered into this antique store, where I made her sit in this old phone booth so I could take her picture. She's had a cell phone since she was very young, so the idea of using a phone booth was a real novelty for her.

This is an open area of Downtown Seattle. We have summer concerts and all sorts of great things happening here. But how crazy are these trees? Who did this? It's kind of pretty but is it going to hurt the trees? I definitely have to find out about this!

This is another great place that is part of The Market. Sur La Table is a kitchen shop, and this is the original store. I love going in here because they carry top of the line kitchen-ware, and it always inspires me to be creative in the kitchen. I am really craving some homemade peanut butter cookies, so I better get in the kitchen!

We went to an indoor flea market that was held in a very old ballroom in Seattle. They still give dance lessons, and I hear it's quite a "happening" place in the evenings. I've never considered taking dancing lessons before, but the ballroom is kind of pretty and I can imagine it could even be a little magical at night.

Seattle has a lot of fantastic restaurants, but my daughter and I just wanted something fast. Our fish and chips lunch was pretty tasty. Elliott's is right on the waterfront and pretty soon all the tourists will be here and it will be so crowded.

After all the walking around I did in the city this weekend, all I wanted to do was go home and sit on my own couch. So I did
But not before going into this lovely store and sitting on all the pretty couches they had. I am so wanting that gorgeous white couch there in the window.
I had a great weekend. Hope yours was too.

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