Friday, June 29, 2012

Fabulous Friday

~ By Patricia ~

As summer starts getting into full swing, most of us are spending more time outside on our decks and patios. I found these simple yet lovely chairs at one of my favorite shops in Seattle. They would make a fun and cheerful addition to any outdoor area.
When I looked at the price tag on these chairs, my first reaction was "oh we could make those!". That seems to be my families' standard line for anything that is out of our price range. Unfortunately our confidence is way bigger than our talent! But I'm sure many of you talented readers and bloggers could make these chairs, and they would turn out great.
Whatever you do this weekend, if it's making chairs, making dinner, or making a baby smile, enjoy these last days of June.
Here are a few things I liked around the web this week. I hope you like them too.

Love coffee drinks? Want to win $10,000?

Gorgeous bedding makes for a dreamy nights sleep.

Rootbeer waffles recipe from Trader Joe's.

In Seattle today a Ferris Wheel like no other opens. (Scardy cats shouldn't ride this!)

These French Market Baskets are perfect for summer.

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