Monday, April 8, 2013

Cooking Inspiration Seattle Style

I always feel like I am so lucky to live in an area that is abundant with delicious food.Whether you are buying it to prepare at home, or eating at a great restaurant, Seattle is a foodie paradise.
We are famous for our fish of course, but Washington offers so many different kinds of food, that a cook with imagination is in heaven here.

I just bought the most wonderful book called Edible Seattle, and am looking forward to using some of the recipes. As much as I appreciate the availability of recipes on the internet, nothing beats a beautiful cookbook to have open on the kitchen counter as you are cooking.

As summer approaches, I start thinking about the delicious salmon that my family loves to eat. It is so delicious on the grill, but really there are so many ways to cook it. Edible Seattle is a wonderful source for cooking this regional treasure.

I have spoken so many times about how much I love Seattle's Pike Place Market. It is my favorite place to buy fruits and veggies, and the flowers are just beautiful and always a fantastic bargain.
The market also offers so many other kinds of food beyond produce, including fish, meat, breads, spices, dairy and more. It really is a cook's dream, and everything is always the freshest and highest quality.
The Pike Place Market Recipes cookbook is filled with many regionally inspired recipes, but is also wonderful for cooks anywhere you may live.

If you want to bring a bit of Seattle to your kitchen, I recommend these great cookbooks that will inspire you to do just that. Happy cooking!!

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