Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Veggies and The Farmers' Market

I am so excited that daylight savings is about to arrive. That means Spring, that means flowers and light, and visiting the farmers' market on a regular basis.
I have mentioned before that I love to go to the Pike Place Market in Seattle, but I am beginning to seek out other smaller neighborhood markets too. I love buying produce directly from the farmers and their families, and it is easy to strike up a conversation about the veggies you are buying and how to cook them.

There are also a great many books out now that are all about cooking foods that are from the farmers' markets. One of my favorites is Fresh From The Farmers' Market by Janet Fletcher, with an introduction from Alice Waters.

The book is filled with so many amazing recipes all grouped by seasons. For spring, there are recipes for roasted asparagus, warm apricot tart, cauliflower and potato soup with cilantro, and more.
I am truly inspired to cook more with the fruits and veggies I buy from the market. As part of trying to eat better this year, I will definitely be spending more Saturday mornings at my local farmers' market.

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