Saturday, December 29, 2012

Making An Easy and Delicious Dinner of Orange Picante Chicken

By Patricia

I am a big chicken lover. Roast chicken, chicken tacos, chicken chili, and more are all some of the dishes I really love to cook and eat.
I am always interested in finding new ways to cook chicken. Although I do buy whole chickens and cut-up chickens, I really like the boneless chicken breasts the best. They are so versatile to use, and when I can get them on sale, I like to stock up on them and keep them in the freezer for easy use.

I came across this recipe for Orange Picante Chicken and made it for dinner last night. It's a delicious blend of sweet and spicy flavors, that tasted really wonderful.
It is so easy to make, requires simple ingredients, and only requires about thirty minutes from start to finish.

The majority of the time required for this recipe is to cook and slightly brown the chicken breasts. The sauce that you make to go on top of it has ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry or refrigerator, such as orange juice, brown sugar and picante sauce.

The only thing I recommend changing in this recipe is to use three tablespoons of brown sugar instead of one, which the recipe calls for. I thought the sauce needed to be sweeter and the additional brown sugar did the trick.

Curiously, this recipe for Orange Picante Chicken comes from the Campbell's Soup Kitchen website, but doesn't use any of their soup in this recipe.

This super easy and delicious chicken dish is perfect for everyday dinners, and goes with just about any side dishes like rice, potatoes, and vegetables. But I really think it would be great to serve to dinner guests too, especially if you are like me and try to keep entertaining easy but fun.


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  1. Looks soo good! I'm a chicken lover to always trying to find new recipes, thanks!