Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Campus Book Rentals

As the mother of college age kids, I know all about the high prices of college textbooks. Buying textbooks is a very large part of a college student's budget. Sometimes it can really be a struggle for parents and their students to pay for all the textbooks required in their classes.

But now there is a great alternative to purchasing high priced textbooks. Campus Book Rentals lets you rent your books at a fraction of the price you would normally pay to buy them.


Renting books at Campus Book Rentals is easy, fast and efficient. All you do is enter the ISBN#, or title, or author, or even the book's subject into the search field and you can find the book. Super easy! The books are then delivered right to your door, with free shipping both ways.

Campus Book Rentals also offers:

- Savings of 40 - 90 % off of bookstore prices

-Largest selection in the nation

- Students can highlight in the textbooks

- Offers flexible renting periods on books

- Includes free shipping both ways

-Live customer support

- A donation is made to Operation Smile with every textbook rented

The savings you get from renting textbooks from Campus Book Rentals is amazing. As an example, go check out this textbook, Basic Teachings of the Great Philosophers.

So if you are a parent of college age children and helping them to purchase their textbooks, or are a student yourself, looking to ease the financial burden, go to Campus Book Rentals.
You will be so glad you did!

* This is a sponsored post.


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