Friday, December 28, 2012

Fabulous Friday and the Book, Happier At Home

By Patricia

It is a pretty well known fact in my family that I love reading self-help books. If you look at my book shelves, you will see everything from The Secret to the Dalai Lama's How To Practice, The Way To A Meaningful Life.
And awhile back, one of my kids asked me during a particularly painful time in my life if any of these books had really helped me. And I said "Yes, because what if I hadn't read them? Maybe I would be a bigger mess than I am right now".

Thankfully, I am in a much better place than I was back then. I am a big believer in taking help and comfort where you can get it. Whether it is from family and friends, or church or your work, or a book, take what is offered and heal yourself.
So here is a great new book by Gretchen Rubin called Happier At Home. Wouldn't that be a great thing, if we all could be happier at home with our spouses, our children, the things in our house, and increase the love and joy there?

Happier At Home shows how to increase our happiness, and also how to learn to appreciate the happiness that already exits there. With chapters about family, neighborhood, marriage, interior design and more, the author shows us the art of practicing happiness in our lives every single day.

And the truth is, if we are not happy at home, we are not happy out in the world, and we are not making a positive contribution to others. I liked this book very much, and it did open my eyes to see how I can make myself happier, more fulfilled, and more content at home.

I hope everyone has a Fabulous Friday and a wonderful weekend shared with people you love, whether you are at home or someplace else.

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  1. I have the happiness project on my goodreads list. I think I will add this one too! Thanks for reviewing.