Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Shopping, I'm Getting It Done!!

By Patricia

I am not really the kind of person who gets things done early. I don't usually sit back in happy satisfaction and cross things off my list with plenty of time to spare. But this year I am really on top of things having to do with Christmas, and it does feel great!!

The packages I have shipped out of state are on their way and will arrive in plenty of time. This is a first for me, as usually I have to pay more and still worry about them arriving in time for Christmas.
I am almost done with my other shopping as well. And I have already made two batches of fudge that I put in my Christmas packages.
Forgive me for bragging, but this is truly a first for me!! Hopefully I can carry this into the New Year and become more efficient all the way around. That would be the best present I could give to myself.

So how is your Christmas shopping going? Do tell, I would love to know any tips or suggestions you might have to pass along.

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  1. Thats awesome you are ahead! I am so behind its embarrassing lol