Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Lunch Date

~ By Samantha ~

Here on Popcorn and Pearls (or P&P as we like to call it) we would love to do a "What I Wore Wednesday" post with my little sister Megan. Every Wednesday she will post a picture of what she is wearing for the day with the place she bought it at and how much each item costs. With a variety of new, and affordable and not-so-affordable pieces from her enormous closet. There is a shopping gene in 2 out of the 3 of my Mother's daughters (me being the other) and Megan has it bad. She loves all things "vintage" and second hand! But the gal also knows when to buy new, and that quality lasts. She is all style all the time. Every time we see Megan she is dressed so stylish and her outfit always has a "great find" story from a second hand store she purchased it at. Which goes to show that if you look hard enough, you really can dress great on any budget. And it helps that she can hit up all of those thrifty shops in Seattle!

  • Shirt- Goodwill- 99 cents
  • Skirt- Forever 21- $10
  • Tights- Rite Aid- Buy one get one $5
  • Boots- Value Village- $9
  • Corduroy Jacket- Goodwill- $6
  • J3LL Watch- Barrowed
  • Big Turquoise Ring- Thrifted- $5

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