Monday, May 28, 2012

Olympic Game Farm or Jurassic Park?

~ By Samantha ~

Everyone remembers the Jurassic Park movies right? You know where they are in the vehicles and they drive around on the outlined path where they can view all of the roaming dinosaurs. Where you have to stay in your vehicle so the wild animals don't attack you. Well we have our own version of that right here in Washington, at least that is what it feels like to me. It is called the Olympic Game Farm and it is a blast! You drive your own vehicle (at your own risk, you have to sigh a waiver!) around the Game Farm feeding the animals from Elk, Zebras, Llamas, Bison, BEARS and more!!! There is a strict "Wheat Bread" only policy for the animals that you must uphold to keep the animals healthy. They give you a map and send you on your way...

JJ "reading" the map

About to approach the wild!

They come right up to your windows!

Liam and the hubby feeding the llama, they are so brave!

Tons of bears with just a short little fence between you and the beast!

See the sighs? Stay in your car or else!

Liam and I hiding hanging out in the back seat, I get a little nervous!

 It is so much fun for the kids and adults, if you are not chicken like I am. We have been there several times and I am getting more comfortable. The animals are just so invasive and stick their heads right in your windows if you let them! There are even sweet little bunnies throughout your tour to see and feed. Seriously fun for the whole family.

*And in case you are appalled that they are not wearing any seat belts and JJ is riding in the front seat, you go like 5-10 MPH inside the farm and it is considered OK. As soon as we pull back out of the exit and into the parking lot, they go right back into their car seats :)

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