Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Welcome to Popcorn and Pearls

So here we are launching a new blog...

Magazine Rack in Pike Place Market, Seattle

~ By Samantha ~

I wouldn't say that Popcorn and Pearls is a spinoff of Frugal Family Tree but we are an extension of it. You may be wondering why we are creating this new blog so I am here to tell you - 

We love to blog. We love having readers. We love putting our thoughts out into this great big world. We love connecting with people. We love to share great things and get great things in return.

Laura, Patricia and I were talking about blogging and where we wanted to go with it. We were talking about how we live in two different states (Sam and Patricia in Washington and Laura in California) with different weather, people, shops and all around lifestyles. We also realized that when we did a blog post most of the time it was hard to figure out who was writing what and where or where we were even at, Washington or California. Sometimes it took reading the entire post and scrolling to the bottom to realize who was "talking". We did not like that. We also recently added my little sister Megan as a guest blogger (she too lives in Washington). Megan gives us a peek into beauty, fashion and her "thrifting with style" ways. So we thought it would be a great idea for Patricia (Nana) and I (Sam) to start a new blog. One about life in Seattle and the surrounding areas. A more personal one from Patricia and Samantha's point of view and daily living. After all isn't that why we read blogs, to see into the lives of others? To learn from others, to be inspired by others? I know that's why I love them!

The reason we chose the name Popcorn and Pearls is because we enjoy sitting down to a nice quiet movie with a bag of cheap popcorn but we also love to splurge on something as beautiful as a pearl necklace and head to the city. We would love to talk more about our lives and well as the people in it. We really want to get to know our readers and have you get to know us. We will highlight other blogs and great things we see on the web, there are so many great finds out there just waiting to be in the spotlight. We will also continue to do the reviews and giveaway, after all we all love great products!! We hope you enjoy our new blog and continue to be a loyal follower, thanks for reading!!

Patricia (Nana), Samantha (Me) and baby Ashley

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