Monday, July 22, 2013

Picnic Fun and On-The-Go With Bigelow Tea #AmericasTea #shop #cbias

Here in the beautiful Northwest, our summers are glorious but not very long. My family and I try to pack as much outdoor fun into those three months as possible.

My daughter Samantha and I have begun taking day trips with her children, and we try to go someplace different every week. This week we went to a wonderful little park that was on the beach, and we had a great time.

We took along a picnic, and a delicious drink that I made with Bigelow Tea. I have been drinking Bigelow for many, many years, and I love making iced tea with it in the summer. Bigelow Tea comes in so many different kinds and flavors, and it truly is a family favorite.

I went shopping at Walmart for Bigelow Tea, and brought home some Lemon Lift. I found a recipe for Lemon Citrus Tea Coolers on the Bigelow Tea website. The recipe is super easy, and I absolutely loved the delicious tangy, citrus flavor. It was the perfect drink to enjoy at our picnic. I made it the night before so that it was very cold when I put it in the cooler to bring.

It was a beautiful day for our picnic. My daughter loved the Lemon Citrus Tea Cooler, too. I enjoy plain iced tea, but sometimes it's just more fun to whip up something special. Bigelow Tea makes it so easy, and I try to keep plenty of pitchers of tea on hand for these warm summer days.

Bringing along our drink was super easy. I just put it in this plastic pitcher that has a tight fitting lid, and then popped it into the cooler. I like using cute things for picnics, and just because you aren't at home doesn't mean you can't eat or drink with style.

Transporting the kid's food was easy in these cute little plastic containers. Sandwiches are always so easy to bring, and we had egg salad this time.

All the kids loved the Lemon Citrus Tea Cooler. We didn't give any to my granddaughter, but she grabbed this glass on her own.

I promised the kids a special treat, so I picked up a box of Red Raspberry Herb Tea. The kids love slushies, and these were easy to make, and bring along. You just combine four cups of brewed, cold tea, one cup of Almond Milk, and three cups of mixed berries in the blender. I pored the mixture into a freezer bag and froze it over night. I set it out for about fifteen minutes before the kids were ready to eat it.

I squeezed the freezer bag to mix it up a bit, poured it into cups, and topped it with whipped cream. We all loved it, and it really was delicious.

You can get creative with Bigelow Tea no matter what season it is, and there are even ways to cook with it. Bringing Bigelow Tea along on vacation, a trip to the beach, or other fun outing is always a great idea.

My grandchildren thought it was great to have fruit slushies after their lunch. It was so easy to just toss the bag of frozen fruit mixture and a can of whipped cream in the cooler.

After lunch we went down to the water. Even though the day was very warm, the water in Puget Sound is always cold. The boys had a good time looking for things, and tossing rocks in the water. In the end though, they did take off their shoes and socks and wade into the water. So did I!

Being a grandmother is a very large and important role for me. I never knew either of my own grandmothers, so I feel very lucky to have four little grandchildren of my own.

It's wonderful summer picnics like this that help me build close bonds with them.

I can't wait to go on our next outing, and I'll be sure to bring along Bigelow Tea again for all of us to enjoy.

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  1. The setting for your picnic is breathtaking and those drinks look super refreshing.

  2. Thanks so much!! We are lucky to have a lot of pretty places to explore here in Washington State.

  3. They are really delicious, and so easy to make. The kids love them :)

  4. It was a great day, the tea was amazing and the kids really loved the picnic, thanks Mom!

  5. I had a wonderful day too, always so much with you guys :)

  6. What a beautiful place for a picnic! I would be in heaven there. And your picnic looked wonderful! Every time I read your posts I think about what a good grandma you are, let me know if you want to adopt me, ok? ;)

  7. Thank you so much Brandie, and I am always available to anyone that needs adopting lol :)