Friday, July 26, 2013

My Vintage Flea Market Finds

One of my absolute favorite things to do for fun is go to flea markets. I love the fun atmosphere, the people watching, the food, and of course, the great stuff you can find there.

Over the last few weeks I have gone to a fabulous flea market here in Seattle, the Fremont Sunday Flea Market. I love this market, and always find great stuff to bring home. I never spend a lot of money for what I buy, and the thrill of the hunt is exciting!!

These plates were only a dollar each, there are four, and they feel very 60's to me, yet with a modern twist. I think they are great for a spring or summer meal.

I can never have too many flower vases, and this one is very heavy, and perfect for that one gorgeous flower. I paid two dollars for it.

I already have lots of baskets, but I couldn't pass up this sweet green one. Baskets are great for every room in the house, and I can store kitchen towels or other kitchen items in this one. This basket cost three dollars.

I love white dishes and vases. I can use this one for flowers, pencils, or really anything. I am using it right now for my knitting needles, which I am always losing. Cost was two dollars.

I am calling this a fruit basket, but I can store onions on the counter in it too. I thought it was cute, but it might be cuter if I spray painted it in apple green. At only a dollar, I couldn't pass it up.

I am always up for a visit to any flea market, and Seattle has a few more I want to go to before the summer ends. You can see that I didn't spend a lot of money for what I bought, and there are great deals on furniture, clothes, shoes, and more. I love flea markets!!!

What about you, are there flea markets in your city or town? Have you bought anything fabulous there?
 I would love to know.

Happy Friday!!!

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