Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Getting Into A Clean Routine With Cottonelle Products From Target

It is certainly true that my potty training days with my five kids are long over. They are all grown up now, and two of them have children of their own.

As a very involved grandparent, I am right here in the trenches of helping my daughter potty train her three year old son. We are trying hard to establish an effective but easy care routine for my grandson, one that he can be encouraged to eventually learn to do by himself.

My family has been buying Cottonelle bath tissue, and Cottonelle products for a very long time. They are part of our everyday routine of staying fresh and clean.

Target is now having a fabulous sale with a reduced price on their 18-packs of Cottonelle bath tissue, and offering a free dispenser of their Cottonelle Flushable Cleaning Cloths. Both of these products are an important part of potty training, and everyday self care.

Not only is my grandson Liam excited by the Cottonelle wipes, but I am too. Believe me, it is so much easier to be able to flush dirty wipes, than to have to dispose of them separately. They make cleaning up accidents a breeze, and they are nice and soft enough that Liam is using them to keep himself clean, along with the bath tissue.

Cottonelle 18-packs of bath tissue are on sale for $10, that's a savings of $1.49 on each pack. And when you buy two packs, you get a free dispenser, or a 168-count refill.

That is a great deal all the around, and I love stocking on items that we need for everyday use.
This dispenser is really great because of the way it always keeps the wipes moist, and doesn't let them dry out if the dispenser is accidently left open.

Back at home, the bath tissue has to be sat upon and played with before it can be put away, of course.

Who says products can't be good looking in the bathroom? I really like that the Cottonelle dispenser is nice looking and can blend in with other items in the bathroom.

I'm definitely going back to Target while the sale is still on and getting more bath tissue and more flushable cleaning cloths. I want to put a dispenser in my purse for those times when I am taking my grandson someplace where it just the two of us.

Being able to flush the wipes is so much easier than disposing of them in a bathroom trash can.

Time to put away the Cottonelle bath tissue. Target is one of my absolute favorite stores to shop at, and I love when they have great sales like this.

The flushable wipes aren't just for potty training, either. They are great for when you need to feel fresh and clean yourself. Strong but gentle, they are quite refreshing for all your bathroom needs.

I have to say the potty training is going well, and Liam is well on his way to being completely trained when preschool starts in the middle of September.

He likes using the wipes for regular hand cleaning too. So do I, and I love having wipes the most when I am at the gas station for using after pumping gas.

Cottonelle bath tissue and flushable cleaning cloths are a great part of having a clean care routine for everyone in the whole family.

You can see my complete shopping trip at Target in my Google+ Album. Shop for your own Cottonelle products at Target to get started on your own #cottonelleroutine.

You can also connect with Cottonelle and find more information on Facebook and Twitter.

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