Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cascade Platinum Cleaning Packs #myplatinum #sponsored

*I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Cascade. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

As a mom of three small children it seems I am ALWAYS doing the dishes, every night and sometimes once during the day, I run the dishwasher. It doesn't matter if I encourage the children to use the same cup for lunch that they used at breakfast time, they always seem to use all of the cups in the house daily! 

I am not a fan of doing the dishes, I mean who really is? But they have to be done and I having a dish washing product that is efficient is always the goal. There have been numerous times where the dishes were ran through the washing cycle, only to pull them out and see traces of food or film on my dishes. I don't have the time or the dishwasher space to redo them, especially if I want a clean kitchen. There is a small feeling of accomplishment when the dishes are done and put away.

Recently we had a family party with lots of yummy food and great dishes, but along with the food and fun is the clean up. I loaded all of the dishes and platters into the dishwasher and popped in a Cascade Platinum Cleaning Pack. I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled out the dishes that not only were they clean but the platters were shiny and clean!!

As someone who likes to entertain (and take lots of photos during the party) it is so important for my dishes and platters to look clean and streak free, I want to represent my food in the best way possible so this is a must!

How about you? Do you like to entertain and take pictures of your food? Now you can show off your food photography skills for a chance to win prizes from Cascade and KitchenAid in the My Platinum Instagram Contest!
Enter here: 
Be sure to include both the #MyPlatinum hashtag and tag @MyCascade in your entries to this contest!
You can also learn more about Cascade Platinum on their Facebook Page.

Guess what? Gail Simmons, the Top Chef Judge and Food + Wine magazine editor uses Cascade Platinum too!

*This is a guest post by Sam

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