Monday, January 28, 2013

My Top 5 Most Popular DIY Pins On Pinterest

How to Make Lavender Oil at Home
How to make Lavender Oil at home.

By Patricia

We all know how fun and fabulous Pinterest is, right? So I just thought I would share the most popular pins from my DIY board.
I wish I could say I had done all of these projects, but really, is there enough lifetimes to do all the great stuff we pin? I don't think so!
But it is fun to pin, and plan and maybe get a few done. And then I think if I weren't busy pinning what I want to do, I would have time to do what I am pinning!!
Oh well...
Cut the legs off an old dresser, add a cushion....
Cut the legs off an old dresser and add a cushion

Chalkboard made with a fancy frame

DIY PAINTED CHEST Humble Art Studio.
DIY painted chest of drawers for a child's room.

toys glued to wood blocks and spray painted for book ends...
Toys glued to wood blocks and spray painted for bookends

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