Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hundreds Of Ways To Live To Be 100

By Patricia
I am always interested in information that I think will help me to live a longer and healthier life.
I have children and grandchildren that I adore, and I would love to be able to share my life with them for decades to come.
I know that living a long life is no accident, and we can either help ourselves to do this or ignore the good advice that is everywhere these days about healthy living. The other day at the library, I checked out a book called 'Secrets of Longevity, Hundreds Of Ways To Live To Be 100', by Dr. Maoshing Ni.
There is interesting advice about exercise, how important relationships are to your health, massage, sleep, your emotional health and much more. The book really is a great place to start no matter what your age is if you are interested in living a long and healthy life.
But more than anything, what I took from this book was the understanding of what a truly important role that food plays in maintaining a healthy body and mind.
Here are just a few food facts from the book that I found interesting and important:
* Berries are antioxidants and are more powerful than vitamin C and aspirin at reducing inflammation. And blueberries have neuroprotective properties that can delay the onset of aging and age-related memory loss.
*Brown rice is so much healthier for you than the empty nutrient white rice that so many of us eat. White rice has been stripped of all it's healthy nutrients, and doesn't offer all the health benefits of brown rice. Eating brown can help lower high blood sugar, and contains more than seventy antioxidants, including the well-known aging fighter Vitamin E.
*Orange juice contains vitamin C and D, and is a rich source of calcium which we all need to maintain healthy bones. As we age, we all suffer from a degree of bone loss, and life-threating bone fractures can occur if we don't help to keep our bones strong and healthy. As well as being good for your bones, the vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant.
*Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that has been studied extensively for its cancer prevention properties. Lycopene inhibits the development of cancer cells in the breasts, lungs, and uterus. Tomatoes are a rich source of beta-carotene and vitamin A and C. They are also known to reduce heart disease and prevent cataracts.
So we really can take charge of our health in regards to what food we choose to put into our bodies. The wonderful thing about these foods, and many, many more is that they can all be made to taste great, it just takes the effort of smart and creative cooking.
And what better way to spend our time then by creating meals that are delicious and healthy and really just might help us to live to the great old age of 100.



  1. I am adding this to my must buy all the time list!
    Berries, OJ, Tomatoes and Brown Rice I already love! :)

    1. I already love them too!! And you are so lucky to have all those healthy California fruits and veggies to pick from!!