Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Keeping Our Kitty Happy And Healthy With Sheba Cat Food #ShebaCat #shop #cbias

We have had our cat Spazzy for almost 15 years now. When you have an animal this length of time, they absolutely become members of the family. So of course you want to take the best care of them possible. For us, that means choosing a premium cat food like Sheba.

We have been a bit concerned about Spazzy because she hasn't been eating much lately. The vet assured us she was in good health for her age, and we should offer her a few different kinds of food because maybe she was simply bored with the same brand of cat food she has been eating for years.

We want to keep our sweet kitty happy and healthy for as many years as possible, so buying Sheba cat food for her is a smart choice.

I took a trip to Walmart to buy Sheba, and was happy to find it at such a great low price. I love a bargain, and using a coupon makes it even better!

Sheba offers a coupon for when you buy 6 cans, you get 1 free, which you can find right here.

While I was at Walmart to pick up food for Spazzy, I bought her this orange feather toy. She wasn't very interested in it.

 I remember the little kitten that she was, running everywhere, chasing balls and toys, and generally just full of mischief.

Our vet told us that it was natural for her to slow down at her age, but we should try to keep her as active as possible.

He also said that feeding her a high quality diet, regular vet visits, and plenty of love and affection were the best tips he had to give us to keep Spazzy healthy.

Sheba offers many varieties of cat food to choose from. We bought Spazzy Chicken and Liver Entrée, Beef Entrée, Mixed Grill Entrée, Turkey Entrée, and Salmon and Chicken Entrée.

With so many choices, I was hoping she would start eating again. At first she only sniffed and walked away. But when I came back a few hours later, she has eaten half of her food.

By day three, she was back to her regular eating schedule, and loves her Sheba cat food!!!

It's such a relief to have her eating regularly, and I'm so grateful to see a little bit of her spunky self back again. We will definitely keep on feeding Spazzy her Sheba cat food, and next time I go Walmart, I will pick her up some of Sheba's other flavors.

Go to the Sheba cat food website to learn more about their products.You will find product reviews, where to buy Sheba, how Sheba is responsibly sourced, special offers and more.

You can also connect with Sheba on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. It's great to hear that your cat is back to eating healthy! #client