Friday, October 18, 2013

Donuts, and More Donuts

It is no secret that my family and I love sweets. The fall seems to bring out something in me that wants to bake delicious desserts and treats all the time.

Donuts are one of my favorite things to make because they are delicious any time of day. In fact, a cup of tea and a freshly baked donut is one of the best afternoon pick-me-ups I can think of.

I shared this recipe for Cinnamon Sugar Donuts over on my other blog, Frugal Family Tree. If you love donuts, buy yourself a donut pan because making them with a pan is super easy.
And so worth it, they are delicious.

I made Chocolate Donuts With Orange Glaze awhile back, too. The chocolate flavor in these donuts really stands out in this recipe, and it's a must for chocolate lovers.

Have a fabulous Friday everyone :)

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